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The Most ROBUST SEO Tool On The Market. PERIOD.

With more than 68 elements related to SEO, this is the most robust SEO tool on the market.

Our closest competitor only has 24 SEO website checks, does not explain how to fix the problems (only reports them), and costs a fortune.

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$50 Full DMP

Independent Verification

Based on Google’s standards we have created the ultimate website auditing tool. 50+ verified SEO checks will be run on your website each month. Then we’ll report the results directly to you.

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Why This Tool Was Created

Your Digital Marketing Plan

The inventor of this program has done SEO since the late 90s. For 18 years he struggled with growing his SEO team. Hiring, Training, and Implementing the CORRECT strategies that are up to date was hard to coordinate between all the team leaders and their staff.

In 2016 a light bulb went off to start an internal process that could be shared with the team as a protocol to follow. The process should rank the needs of any website and explain the key elements to follow, thus optimizing a website properly.

In 2017 Your Digital Marketing Plan Was Born. This system was used successfully for more than a year and the creator wanted to help small business owners understand SEO better, gain ideas on how to improve their site DIY, and help business owners hold their SEOer accountable.

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Here Are A Few Of Our SEO Audit Pieces

Analytics Overview
Demographics Tracking
Internal Hyperlinking
AMP Implementation
Image Alt Tags
Horizontal Linking Structures
Enable Caching
Google Indexed Pages

We check for these and So Many More!

Hear Directly From Our Clients

I started using this tool about a month ago and it showed me some serious technical problems with my site. We fixed them and already noticed an increase in traffic.
K Eden
I had no idea how important speed was to my rankings until this tool showed me that I had a problem. I fixed it and have seen noticeable improvement.
S Donovan
It is nice to see a tool that is easy to understand so I can make better decisions.
J Embury

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